Enrollment Information

Toddler Program

Mt. Zion’s toddler program is built around the needs of each child. Teacher  to child ratios are low to provide for individual attention.  Children daily experience planned activities and open-ended experiences for individual growth and development.  Children explore their world through music, large motor play, sensory exploration, language, and small group events.

The toddler program is for children ages 1 and walking independently to age 2-1/2.

Daily Schedule

7:00 Welcome/Goodbye mom and dad
7:00-8:30  Free Play
8:30-9:00Theme activity (directed learning/small group) activity
9:00- 9:30-Snack
9:30-10:00 Arts and crafts (coloring, playdoh, fine motor activities)
10:15 –11:00 Outside/Gross Motor Activities
11:00 – 11:30- Circle Time (books, songs, finger plays)
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-2:15- Nap
2:15-2:30- Wake up, Library
2:30-3:00 – Snack
3:00-5:30- Free Play, Gym

Enrollment Forms

Toddler Registration

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2020 – 2021 Toddler Fee Schedule

Toddler Fees 2021  (download)

Annual Registration Fee – $100.00 (non-refundable)

Monthly Tuition

Half Day:  Morning Session 7 am-12:30 pm 

2 day (T/Th) week – $431
3 day (M/W/F) week – $529
4 day week – $623
5 day week – $706

School Day – 8:15 am-3:15 pm

2 day (T/Th) week – $572
3 day (M/W/F) week – $761
4 day week – $877
5 day week – $1,053

Extended Day – 7 am-5:30 pm

2 day (T/Th) week – $710
3 day (M/W/F) week – $992
4 day week – $1,129
5 day week – $1,389


Fees are one time (yearly) expenses.

ChildcareTuition is a monthly expense.

School year:  Mt. Zion Lutheran Preschool is a year round childcare center.  Mt. Zion’s “school year” begins annually in August.  


  • If you have more than one child attending Mt. Zion concurrently, you will receive a 20% discount (off the lowest tuition fee) on your monthly childcare tuition for the second, third, fourth child (etc.).
  • If you are an employee of the University of Colorado or Boulder Community Hospital there is a discount of 10% on your monthly childcare tuition.  Documentation required.  
  • If you are a member of the Military, Fire Department or Police Department there is a 10% discount on your monthly childcare tuition.  Documentation required.  
  • Multiple discounts cannot be applied (except in the event of 2 or more children)
  • For every family you refer to Mt. Zion, your family will be given a one time credit of $100 off of your childcare tuition.  
  • Financial aid is available to families who qualify.  Application forms are available upon request.
  • Discounts do not apply to drop in childcare.

Late PickupIf you have an emergency and must be late, please call and inform us so that we can make sure we have enough staff (dictated by State law) to cover your child. The time associated with Late pick will be billed at the drop in charge of $15 an hour.All parents must be in the building by 5:15pm at the latest, so that you and your child can leave the facility by 5:30pm.  AFTER 5:30pm late fees are: 1-5 minutes $10; 5-10 minutes $20; 10-15 minutes $30; etc.If a parent is habitually late in picking up their child after 5:30pm, this will be cause for the child to no longer be able to attend Mt. Zion Preschool.  

Childcare Tuition Payments:  The tuition payments for Mt. Zion Preschool are due on the first day of the month.  A $25 late fee is added to payments received after the 10th of the month.  A $30 fee will be assessed for any returned checks.  

Registration Fee:  A registration fee is required upon being admitted to Mt. Zion Preschool.  This fee is non-refundable.  If the preschool is at capacity, this registration fee can be used to reserve a position that becomes available in the near future.  This is the only way to assure a position for future enrollment.  

School Breaks:  There will be days when the childcare center is closed (i.e. Christmas, Easter, holidays, etc., please refer to calendar) and no childcare will be offered, nor deductions in tuition eligible or makeup days available.  Additionally, if you know in advance days that your child will not be attending (vacations, sickness, etc.), please keep us informed.  

Drop-in Care & Fees:  The standard drop-in care fee will be $25 per hour.  If your child is not picked up by their scheduled departure time, or arrives before your selected registration time: Morning session 7:00am, School day 8:15, you will be charged the drop-in fee. This fee is a flat rate that will be charged whether you use 15 minutes or one hour.  If your child attends part time and you require an additional day/hours, please call in advance and arrangements will be made.  If you wish to attend an additional day not included in your plan, the drop in fee is $25 per hour.  However, drop in is determined by availability, and must be approved by Mrs. Wu, Director, and/or your child’s teacher prior to the day requested.  Class size is dictated by State of Colorado regulations regarding child/teacher ratios.  We understand that emergencies do occur and will gladly take care of your child, however, please let us know as soon as possible.   

Summer AttendanceIn order to staff effectively for the summer, all families will receive a form requesting information about summer attendance.  If your child is not attending during the summer, and   you wish to attend Mt. Zion for the following “school year”, you must fill out a registration form, along with a registration fee, for the fall in order for us to reserve your child’s space.